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((IC: Belated Vacation antics, whatever I DO WHAT I WANT))

[THE SETTING: The Czech Republic, Prague. A teenage stoner and a ninja delivery girl, neither wearing their natural hair colour, pondering tanks]

So you're telling me I get to drive this? You're not just fucking with me?
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That's what the brochure said! They even offer certificates so it's, like, legitimate.
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Besides, why else would they be taking us to some run down field, far away from civilization, if they weren't trying to make sure our tank driving awesomeness doesn't crush some historic landmark?

Or rob us while we're out of the way, but fuck that. These guys wouldn't even be first level fodder.
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Yeah, it would be a great bonus level trophy to get a tank. But I've checked, these guys are on the up and up.
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That's a good start. Getting out of the tank in one piece is a good ending.

So you want to go first? We both get turns.
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Just leave enough of the tank intact for my turn, okay?
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At least you're honest about it.

[yes there is training, and hilarious bad translation failures, and Ramona reaffirming how she makes questionable decisions]

So basically it's like playing an XBox but real.
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Hey, I think you can learn plenty from video games. The point is learning the real stuff too, so just remember what the instructor said about throttle. That was the word for it right?
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no, it's real

although Ramona is having moments of covering her eyes because OH GOD WHAT IS YOUR DRIVING RECORD]

Watch out for that thing!
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[No they don't, which is probably why it's a nice slow swerve so we can realize how bad we are at this]

Left! Left! Left!
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[that was definitely a thump]

Uh did we hit a car? I hope that wasn't the instructor's car...
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Yeah, those German cars are clunky. Maybe it was a moped?
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Yeah. Those things practically grow on trees.
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Hard to miss all those tank tracks, right.

Now aren't you glad I dragged you to Prague?!
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I'm glad I knew the general area of Prague and we haven't killed ourselves yet. Yet.
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We could crash and somehow flip over, being trapped inside.

That would be pretty impressive though. Flipping a whole tank on your driving skills.
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That's totally why we're doing this first.

--that and the beer hall doesn't open to the public until noon or something.
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They're sneaky that way. Making tourists drive their destructive weapons then get terribly drunk.
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You'd probably figure out the dealer areas faster than I would. My black market dealings are going to stay in the shady origins souvenir category.
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Yay, my turn at driving a weapon of mass destruction.

[unbuckles her seat harness to switch places]
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Oh, you know, same old same old for me.

[smirking and trying to get the thing started from where Katou turned it around, exaggerating the trucker stance like in her icon]